How To Prepare For A Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

November 23, 2020

Lifestyle photos are all about being relaxed at home, so you’re probably wondering how you can prepare your home and family for your session. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise! Read along to see how to make this as stress-LESS as possible!

Let’s start with locations.

I’ll be coming to your home for the session but we don’t shoot in every room. I love to start in the nursery to capture all of the details that you worked tirelessly on! Documenting your favorite elements and family heirlooms add so much to your gallery.

After that, we typically move to the living room or master bedroom, but we’ll look for the room with the most natural light and the most room for all of you to cuddle up together!

Let’s talk about cleaning.

I have two little ones and I vividly remember how overwhelming it felt to have a brand new baby, a toddler, and having to maintain a home… oh, and feed everyone! We’ll only use a couple of rooms in your home, so your entire house doesn’t need to be spotless. I am a master at re-arranging on the fly if needed and hiding all of those new newborn supplies about the house!

Preparing mom.

As the most important person in this session, let’s make sure you feel the most relaxed and comfortable! If you feel stressed, the baby will feel it. So give yourself an extra hour to get ready, I’m not even kidding. It was the best piece of advice given to me for our own lifestyle newborn session. I promise you will feel 100 times better and it will show in your beautiful photos!

Preparing the family.

Wondering what to wear? Don’t worry!! I have you covered! I offer great style guides with tips and easy outfit ideas. I’m here for you beginning to end, so you can relax, confident that everyone will look and feel comfortable for your session!

Setting expectations for your family is also so important. Let your spouse know that I will need about 1-2 hours of your time but I won’t need everyone for the entire time! If you have other children, I’ll have you and your spouse trade off keeping them entertained before and after their turns. Let them know that they’re going to have a lot of fun when I come over to the their pictures. Feel free to offer bribes for good behavior, you have my full support!

Preparing baby.

Thankfully, this part is pretty simple! Make sure they have a full belly when I arrive along with a clean diaper when we get started. Plain white diapers are best so patterns don’t show through. Be sure to have multiple outfits laid out, just in case! I love to start in the nursery to capture the details of your design, so a plain white onesie works best. Then we can change into another outfit to incorporate the rest of the family if desired!

That’s all.

A little bit of planning and preparing beforehand goes a long way! We’ll work together to create an easy and memorable session for you and your family.